Success instead of failure,
fun instead of frustration!

My mission is to help people to take the measures which are right for them,
at the right time and in the right place, in order to achieve lasting success and happiness.

If you really want something,
you can do it!

~ Bettina Thierer ~

What enthusiastic clients say

“Personnellement, je me suis sentie assez “entourée” et la prise en charge du problème d’E. était assez complète aussi bien dans les rendez-vous préalables et jusqu’au bilan final. Quant au contenu même n’étant pas présente. Pour nous, cette expérience état très concluante et les changements de comportement d’E. ont été visibles, aussi bien par sa famille, ses proches et ses enseignants. Le coaching m’a paru sérieux et impliqué.”

Mère d’une fille de 8 ans | Coaching scolaire

“It improved my son’s spoken German and built confidence.”

V.M., mother of a 10-year-old pupil | Private tuition in German

“Considering the time you had with them (only one week) and the different language levels, I am very satisfied with this work. They especially liked the relaxed atmosphere. Thank you!”

Parent feedback: 5 hours German course beginners for children (8, 11 and 12 years old)

5 steps to success


Make an appointment

Personal meeting

Learn, develop, change

Put into practice and develop

Bettina Thierer

Dipl.-Betriebswirtin | European Business Coach | NLP Master

My name is Bettina Thierer, and I was born in Bielefeld, Germany. Having grown up in the Düsseldorf area, I relocated several times with work before settling with my husband and our two children in Luxembourg. Since 2008 I have worked as a freelance coach and trainer.