Recognise – change – develop

Imagine your life as a map. This map shows everything that goes to make up your life: your environment and people who play a role for you, experiences, knowledge, thoughts, desires, feelings, emotions, values, beliefs, your past, your current situation, places, pictures, and much more.

Every person’s map looks different and is only part of the whole. In other words, we block out some things, either consciously or unconsciously, and interpret other things to create our own reality.

As the Greek philosopher Epictetus (born around 50 AD) wrote in his Handbook of morality:
“Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them.”

As a coach, I focus on my coachee’s map and help him reach his goal.

What I can do for you


Are you asking yourself the following questions:
Do I have any hidden talents?
How do I develop my full potential?
How can I best use my knowledge and skills?

Are you troubled by any of the following concerns:
· Conflicts within the family, with your parents, with friends
· School problems
· Bullying
· Stress
· Fears
· Uncertainty
· Self-esteem/self-confidence


Are you asking yourself the following questions:
How can I grow and develop, both personally and professionally?
What are my values and beliefs? Where are they helpful, when do they block me?
I would like to change something in my life, but how do I do that?

Do the following concerns ever give you a headache or “knots in your stomach”:
· Professional conflicts
· Private/family problems (e.g. separation, new partner)
· Imbalance between professional and private life
· Dealing with life-changing experiences
· Bullying
· Stress
· Fears
· Making a fresh start, privately or professionally
· Uncertainty
· Self-esteem/self-confidence

I look forward to meeting you

The issues are as individual as you are.
My top priority is your personal satisfaction and the attainment of your individual goals.

I will support you using the relevant questions, interventions and coaching methods, with a light-hearted touch and – if appropriate – a little humour now and then.

My philosophy is to provide a valuable sense of security.
For you, this means respectful, confidential, creative, goal-oriented and profitable co-operation.

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    What my clients say

    “Personnellement, je me suis sentie assez “entourée” et la prise en charge du problème d’E. était assez complète aussi bien dans les rendez-vous préalables et jusqu’au bilan final. Quant au contenu même n’étant pas présente. Pour nous, cette expérience état très concluante et les changements de comportement d’E. ont été visibles, aussi bien par sa famille, ses proches et ses enseignants. Le coaching m’a paru sérieux et impliqué.”

    Mère d’une fille de 8 ans | Coaching scolaire

    “Bettina hat es geschafft, sektionenübergreifend zu arbeiten und hat die Teams nach einem kurzen Corona-Tief motiviert, konstruktiv an Lösungsvorschlägen zu arbeiten. Insbesondere die Supervisionen vor Ort haben immer dazu beigetragen, dass die Teammitglieder sich etwas besser kennenlernen konnten.”

    Office national de l’accueil | Feedback supervisions 2020/21