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What is the right job for me?

How do I find a new professional challenge which meets my requirements? Unemployment – problem or opportunity?

Just a few decades ago, it was still quite simple: you learnt a profession, looked for a job and generally stayed there until retirement. Nowadays the situation has changed completely: new professions have come into existence, others cease to exist, a secure job has become a thing of the past for today‘s generation. With such uncertain career prospects, many workers hop from one job to another, are dissatisfied, stressed and don’t really find what they are looking for.

But how exactly do I identify my true potential and capitalise on this potential in my professional career?
How do I present that “certain something” which sets me apart?

What I can do for you


  Develop your unique selling point

  Develop self-marketing strategies

  Work out professional prospects and individual opportunities in the job market

  Complete individual application documents

  Training for job interviews and telephone applications
(communication, body language, “dos and don‘ts”)

  Support throughout the application process


  Career planning

  Develop your unique selling point

  Develop and update strategies for self-marketing and change

  Complete individual application documents

  Training for job interviews
(communication, body language, “dos and don‘ts”)

  Support throughout the application process

I look forward to meeting you

These are just some of my services.
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    What my clients say

    “We found Bettina Thierer’s motivational coaching very helpful and I would highly recommend her for her extraordinary coaching skills. As motivational coach, she has been training my 14 year old son who is quite an unmotivated student. Only within a few sessions, she helped him indentify his main obstacles and construct new attitudes towards these issues. My son felt immediatly at ease with Mrs. Thierer and could open up to her freely. She made him visualize what goals he can achieve through self-initiative and how to manage stress related situations.”

    Mother of a 14-year-old pupil | Coaching for young people

    “Ich möchte mich nochmals bei Ihnen für Ihr ausgezeichnetes und sehr persönliches Coaching bedanken, das
    mir sehr gut gefallen hat.”

    [Ihr Eindruck des Coachings in einem Satz:] “Ich kann Sie nur weiterempfehlen.”
    [Was hat Ihnen am Coaching besonders gut gefallen?] “Die persönliche Atmosphäre.”
    [Was war das Wichtigste, was Sie gelernt/mitgenommen haben?] “Meine persönliche Situation richtig einzuschätzen.”

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