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Do you still remember your first day at school?

 Perhaps you can still see the school building with the classroom, right there in front of you, or hear what your teacher said? You are sure to have been really excited and looking forward to the future. A new stage in your life was beginning. You suddenly felt all grown-up, and were happy and proud.

What’s it like to look back at that time? What were your experiences, and how are things going now?

Unfortunately, school is a subject which has increasingly negative associations. It often begins at primary school: Pupils are over-stretched or under-challenged, and feel pressure and stress about school or the teachers. The individual is often overlooked, so that the true potential of pupils is not reflected or may even go unrecognized. Parents react with concern or annoyance and some take measures which, however well-meaning, can cause additional pressure and stress. Sometimes, however, the problem lies outside day-to-day school life. Family events (e.g. separation of parents, a new step parent, loss of a loved one, moving house) can have a strong influence on school results and motivation to learn.

This can result in problems ranging from demotivation, stress, time pressure, fears, frustration, apathy, self-doubt to feelings of hopelessness. At worst, it can lead to health problems.

Under these conditions, how can a pupil develop optimally, feel motivated and enjoy learning?

How I can help


Coaching for children and young people:

self-confidence/self-esteem, motivation to learn, dealing with stress, exam nerves, bullying

Training: solution-oriented work, learning methods and techniques


Supporting and empowering your child:

your role as learning partner, correctly recognising and respecting the individual needs of the child, options and methods


Workshops and training sessions:

Motivation to learn and learning support, training sessions, planning and running of workshops with pupils and parents

I look forward to meeting you

The above points are just a small sample of the many topics and problem areas which I cover.
Contact me by telephone or e-mail so that we can discuss your individual situation and establish exactly how I can help.

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    What my clients say

    “We found Bettina Thierer’s motivational coaching very helpful and I would highly recommend her for her extraordinary coaching skills. As motivational coach, she has been training my 14 year old son who is quite an unmotivated student. Only within a few sessions, she helped him indentify his main obstacles and construct new attitudes towards these issues. My son felt immediatly at ease with Mrs. Thierer and could open up to her freely. She made him visualize what goals he can achieve through self-initiative and how to manage stress related situations.”

    Mother of a 14-year-old pupil | Coaching for young people

    “Je voudrais vous remercier chaleureusement de votre compétence, votre sympathie et votre patience avec moi.”

    Cliente | cours allemand sur mesure pour adultes