Bettina Thierer Kommunikation

Communicate efficiently, but how?

In 1996, psychologist Paul Watzlawick and his co-authors formulated five metacommunicative axioms (basic assumptions) for their communication theory.

The first axiom is: ‟You cannot not communicate!”

In other words, even when we do not say anything, we constantly communicate with others and also with ourselves. But how do I reach my goal and how can I consciously control my communication?

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✓  Communicate efficiently
✓  Successful self-marketing (job application training, presentations in front of groups)
✓  Support with the preparation of presentations and workshops

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    “It improved my son’s spoken German and built confidence.”

    V.M., mother of a 10-year-old pupil | Private tuition in German

    “Bettina hat es geschafft, sektionenübergreifend zu arbeiten und hat die Teams nach einem kurzen Corona-Tief motiviert, konstruktiv an Lösungsvorschlägen zu arbeiten. Insbesondere die Supervisionen vor Ort haben immer dazu beigetragen, dass die Teammitglieder sich etwas besser kennenlernen konnten.”

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