Bettina Thierer Kommunikation

Communicate efficiently, but how?

In 1996, psychologist Paul Watzlawick and his co-authors formulated five metacommunicative axioms (basic assumptions) for their communication theory.

The first axiom is: ‟You cannot not communicate!”

In other words, even when we do not say anything, we constantly communicate with others and also with ourselves. But how do I reach my goal and how can I consciously control my communication?

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✓  Communicate efficiently
✓  Successful self-marketing (job application training, presentations in front of groups)
✓  Support with the preparation of presentations and workshops

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What my clients say

“Ich hatte schon öfter Nachhilfe gehabt, aber es war noch nie so gut wie jetzt. Früher waren die Lehrer immer ein wenig zu spät oder es war langweilig. Aber seitdem ich mit Bettina lerne, sind meine Noten besser, es macht auch Spaß, wir machen Sachen, die mir schwerfallen und nicht Sachen, die ich schon kann.”

Matthieu, 14 Jahre | Nachhilfe Deutsch

“Very good excercises, great sourcing of relevant material for my son’s course.”

L.M., mother of a 17-year-old pupil from the European School | Private tuition in German