Coaching, Consulting, Teaching & Training

These days, coaching is a catchword used in a wide range of different areas. It is often mentioned in the same breath as training or consulting.

As a certified coach  and NLP Master I believe it is important to define these areas and my roles in each particular context:

Teaching & Training

As a trainer, I impart knowledge and information as well as learning-specific methods and techniques. Training sessions always consist largely of exercises where the training participant is challenged and encouraged.

A training session may take place individually or in a group, as a workshop or in the form of a lesson.


Consulting can take place both in the framework of training and during coaching. A combination of coaching and training is also possible.


As a coach, I temporarily support my clients (coachees) helping them to identify their personal skills and potentials, as well as to apply and implement them successfully. In this role, I do not steer my clients, but ask questions and give encouragement using various intervention techniques and communication formats. In this way, I assist my coachees as they develop their own self-awareness and self-knowledge and discover their own – often unconscious – resources and potentials.

I give the necessary impetus and support the coachee during the transition processes, and continue until they achieve and implement their personal and/or professional goals.