“ich schaff’s” parents seminar on 23rd November and 7th December 2019 in Luxemburg

What we as parents can do to ensure our childrens success during their school time

Children and young people have a lot to learn! And learning succeeds best with confidence, fun and together with others. “ich schaff’s” is a problem-solving program for children and adolescents based on a solution-oriented approach.
This psychological model was developed in Finland by the psychiatrist Ben Furman and the social psychologist Tapani Ahola, joint chairmen of the Institute for Short-Term Therapy in Helsinki and the special education teachers Sirpa Birn and Tuija Terävä at the Keula Children’s Centre.
“ich schaff’s” is the recognition that problems can be seen by children and adolescents as abilities that can be learned or improved.

In this 2-part seminar you will get to know the ich schaff’s-program for parents. Within the framework of the workshop you will practice in a solution- and practice-oriented way how to deal with difficult behaviour of your child and how to help him creatively to take responsibility.
Methods: lecture, workshop, exchange
Language: Luxembourgish / German
Number of participants: max. 15
Saturday, 23. November 2019 and Saturday, 07. December 2019 – each from 9.00 – 13.00 hrs

Registration for this free seminar is possible through the FAPEL (Fédération des Associations des Parents d’Elèves du Luxembourg): Registration